Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remembering Our Veterans

This is a poem I wrote recently for an online friend who wanted to use the poem on bookmarks to give out as tokens at their Veterans Day Luncheon at their church.
I thought it would be appropriate to post it here today as we take a moment to remember the fine men and women who have given their time and sometimes their life to safeguard our peace and freedom.
Whether we call it Remembrance Day, Veterans Day or Poppy Day, this is a time to remember and honour Veterans and their families. May we never take our freedom or their service for granted.

Let us take a moment to remember
And salute your unselfish way
God bless you dear Veterans
Today and every day!
We thank you for our freedom ~
For our safety you secured
We thank you for your time away ~
Our liberty you bought.
In remembering all the men who died,
The battles fought, the tears we cried,
We honor and respect you,
And remember you with pride.
Saluting you as our heroes,
We feel so very blessed
And we really do admire you...
You're our nation's very best!
Doreen Scerri © 2009


  1. Sad to say, I'm just reading your tribute to veterans. It beautiful and I think I will make book marks every time I loan a book to some one. Thanks.

  2. Thanks sweet friend, your comments are always so welcome...thanks for visiting : )