Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday our sweet angel in heaven

January 13th was the 25th Birthday of our first born, whom we will never forget, our Matthew, our sweet angel in heaven. Here are a few verses I wrote to celebrate his life with his Creator, I know we will be reunited one day, until then dear son we know you look down on us and smile.

You're an angel in heaven
It seems you've always been:
Your life on earth ended
Quite before it did begin.

We have never stopped loving you
And think of you each day
How proud we would have been of you
Of what you'd have become today?

A teacher, a doctor,
a painter, who knows?
We sometimes wonder what it is
That you would have chose.

For three weeks we had you,
Three weeks we cherished you,
Held you, loved you
and prayed you'd make it through...

But God had other plans
Ones we knew nought about,
Your name was in His Book of Life,
Of that we had no doubt.

And now sweet child we think of you
As twenty-five years have passed awhile
As we send you Birthday Hugs in heaven
You look down on us and smile.

~ Mum and Dad ~

1 comment:

  1. Doreen, it's beautiful!
    Matthew has always been looking down upon his mum and dad, sister and brother from heaven above all through these 25 years and will do so till the day you meet again.