Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Thankful Praise

Opening our eyes is a miracle
Hearing the alarm is too,
Lord may I always give you Thanks
My whole day through.

For the cereal in my bowl
Or hot buttered toast,
For hands that helped to make them
And for our lovely Sunday roast.

For our children's smiles
Their ups and downs,
Our failures, our successes,
Our grins and frowns.

For the sun that wraps us
In its warm embrace,
For the rain that refreshes
Our tired face.

For flowers and fields
That colour our world,
For birds' tweet and twitter
Above the traffic din heard.

For a true friend's gesture
Or a good deed done
May I truly be thankful
When the day is done!

May we rise above ourselves
In thankful praise so true,
You're always there to guide us
Our world goes round because of

Doreen Scerri © 2010


  1. A nice prayer. I like the pictures of Malta.

    God bless.

  2. Hello Doreen

    I have just found your blog so I looked in to see what it's about. I like it so I will be looking in frequently.

    I also LOVE Malta. We have been four times and we hope to go again in the not too distant future. Beautiful scenery and lovely helpful people. We visited St Paul's grotto while we were there and that was just amazing. Actually, everything we did and saw was amazing.

    Thanks Doreen and God bless you and your lovely country.