Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Tooth Adventure!

Are you afraid of the dentist? I know it's not anyone's favourite place for sure BUT I am always so scared to go, even for a cleaning! I have changed quite a few dentists too! This was my latest adventure with having to go to the dentist, this time to have an extraction, my very first too and I think I did very well about it here in my FUN verses. I am so glad it's over but really, I feel so confident now I am ready to schedule my next cleaning appointment with confidence. God bless my new dentist!

My wisdom tooth was throbbing
Too often and too much,
I tried to ease the pain
With a gentle soothing touch.
It did ease off for a little while
Then was back in full force,
So painkillers had to step in
And they did help lots of course.

Into the third day it persisted
So ice packs were applied
But the pain intensified
And I almost cried!
Since the dentist's clinic
Is not my favourite place,
I had to pluck up courage
'Twas something I had to face!

I made an appointment
And was soon sitting in 'the chair'
A new dentist, a new clinic...
For me that was quite a dare.
He said it had to come out...
'What? Now? Oh gosh!' said I,
'Relax, sit back,' the dentist said,
I thought that I would die!

Efficiently he reassured me
And had the area frozen soon.
The discomfort was quite minimal
To the situation I did attune.
I might have winced a little
But the job he did so well
My tooth was out in a jiffy
To my pain I bid farewell!

I was so happy and quite thrilled
When I got up to leave;
With happy smiles and heartfelt thanks
I left in disbelief.
Why had I feared dentists?
Was my reaction overdone?
Maybe not, but I know for sure
For me this dentist is the one!

Doreen Scerri © 2010


  1. Incredible sis! I have had 3 teeth extracted already and you're only at your first? WOW!
    I've always been to the same dentist here in Italy and I won't change him for any other, cause he's the best, well for me and my family he is!
    I am sure that now that you've found a good dentist you'll stick to him, you won't fear the visits anymore, I hope. BTW the cleaning can be a tiny bit uncomfortable, mine was but maybe it's because I had it done by his assistant that time, Good Luck!

  2. Ohhhh!!!! I don't like dentist!!!
    Good luck Dooren!