Sunday, May 1, 2011

St. Joseph's Feast and International Workers' Day

Dear St. Joseph,

As you taught Jesus,
the tricks of your trade
and showed Him all
the lovely things you made,
As you taught Him
your know-how in using His tools
and carefully led Him
to obey safety rules,
You must have been so creative
teaching Him all you knew
as from a Babe
into a man he grew.
We now humbly ask your protection
as all of us you guide,
that following your example
we, as workers worldwide,
Offer our daily work
as you did through your life
in faith and with vision
and especially in strife.
May all our efforts
one day reap a reward
for Work becomes worship
When done for the Lord.
Doreen Scerri © 2011

I wrote the above poem after being inspired by today's feast which incidentally is also the Feast of our Parish church since we honour St.Joseph as our Patron Saint.
I would also like to thank my sister Sue for sharing the quote For work becomes worship
When done for the Lord which is by an Unknown Author whom I thank as it also fit beautifully as a closure to my poem.

For the above picture I give credit to this page which is about St.Joseph the Worker


  1. Doreen, you've done it again... another beautiful poem.
    It would make an excellent bookmark.

  2. BEAUTIFUL poem! I love that you included "work becomes worship when done for the Lord." It seems to be something the world is lacking.
    Thanks for an inspirational visit!

  3. Thanks Sue, yes a bookmark is a great idea!

    Thanks Roberta for visiting, I did not know you also visited this blog, so nice to 'see' you here. I'm glad you liked my poem. Yes those very words really inspired me.