Monday, June 20, 2011

Staples and Rubber Bands and ...

Have you ever had one of your shoes give up on you when you are walking far from home? One of my summer slip ons did just that this morning as I was walking towards home after finishing some errands! One of the front straps came loose and that is not funny...well at that moment it wasn't! My mind went to top gear and, as I looked around me, realised I was in front of a tool shop, I wished it was a shoe repair store but beggars can't be choosers. So hopping on one foot, I entered this store to the amusement of the shop assistant. I was glad there were no other customers at that moment. As I explained my predicament in a few words, I asked if he could use a stapler to staple the strap back in place. Sooner than I have been writing this, he put in a couple of staples and I was back on the road walking very slowly and carefully as the shoe did not feel quite right : (

I managed to walk quite a few metres, even crossed the road the pace I was walking everyone must have thought I had hurt my foot... AND soon, yes you've guessed it, the strap came loose again and I plodded on as I knew I was close to a stationer. I had already figured out that if it had to come to this, an rubber band would do the trick better. As I explained my situation to the owner behind the counter, he handed me a few rubber bands and I put all three around my slip on to secure it in place. Thanking my second rescurer of the day, I left the store knowing I was closer to home and that the bands would work better than the staples had. Unfortunately I did not take the staples out and although they stuck in place they did feel uncomfortable.

I met my daughter further up the road and we went into a department store where a few days before I had seen a nice pair of shoes which I decided not to buy at that moment...BUT now was a different story AND they were still on sale AND yes you've guessed again...

Isn't it amazing how an unfortunate turn of events can help you make a decision that will make your day : ))


  1. Doreen, walking with slipons in that condition was also dangerous, I remember one summer, when I was still a teenager the same thing happened to me actually it was the body of the shoe that got seperated from the sole and my slipon seemed the mouth of a duck, I remember I was returning home from a private lesson in Sliema and it was awful.
    Well I am glad you managed to get home safely and with a new pair of shoes. A happy ending!

  2. Great story. I hope you're having a wonderful time in Malta and the weather is brilliant.

    God bless.

  3. Hi Doreen,
    It's been a long time. I remember something like that happening to me. There was no place in sight so I took off both shoes and went barefoot. After that I started carrying those ballet slippers in my bag but after awhile started trusting my regular shoes again.