Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday ~ Cozy Corner

Here I am back to Whimsical Wednesdays after taking a break of a few weeks right after starting this series...firstly after my dear father-in-law passed away and then when my sister Sue was here on holiday!

Thinking back on when I started this series, I spoke about the change of season and how fall has taken over. Since then we have had a couple of storms and the temperatures have gone down considerably although we are still feeling quite hot whenever it's a sunny day.

Picture from Wanna in El Paso

At this time of year I just love to switch on lampshades! Don't you just enjoy the warm glow of the soft light emitting from under the shade? I have my favourite chair where I can sit and read or meditate or curl up in a soft blanket and just relax and dream.

We all need 'our' own space and I'm sure you all have that special little nook or corner where you feel you can unwind with a good book after a day's work. If not, try and find a cozy place in your home where you can curl up and relax. It will be your very own special sanctuary, that special comfortable place you can retire to and let yourself go deep into your book or just sit and meditate next to a warm lamplight. And don't forget to keep that soft blanket close by to cuddle in when temperatures drop. You can also light a scented candle to add ambiance as well as to provide an added comforting touch. Place a basket close by where you can keep your books, magazines, extra candles, candlesticks and other favourite things. I'm sure you will find it very theraputic and relaxing.

Image from Drop Dead Cute

And if you have children or grandchildren you can encourage your little ones to have that 'special place of their own'.
You'll be as thrilled as they are!


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  1. I must find a corner for myself to have that "Special place of my own" too.
    Nice to see you posting your Wednesday Whims again.