Monday, February 6, 2012

*A Word or Not a Word - that is the question!

*A Word or Not a Word - that is the question! ... title with
apologies to Shakespeare


I'm sure that you have come across those 'funny' or should I call them
'unusual' words which, when read, don't seem to mean a thing to you
but still, you are looking at them and you type them because you
want your message to go through.

OK, I won't keep you guessing
much longer. Yes, they are the key
words or word verification which
is actually the computer testing
to see you are someone and not a
robot heehee! Well, you know
what I mean. Then, if you copy this
'word' right and hit enter,
your message/comment is accepted.

So when you see words like GIZES - LINATICA - STAMLIN, you
probably don't think they mean anything, right? Well I made a
search and guess what, yes these ones actually mean something...

GIZES is actually a city/town in Latvia

LINATICA is a site for MP3 Album Downloads (maybe you knew that one!)

STAMLIN - no, it isn't a town in Berlin or's actually a family
name, a surname.

So next time you type a 'nonsense' password I'm sure you'll be
wondering whether it really exists. Of course not all do but which ones

Now here's an example that makes bless you all for
reading this and
following my blog...I hope you enjoyed my post : )


  1. I always thought they were just mixed up letters... thanks for the info. I will look up the next nonsense letters just for curiosity.
    I think they are also called CAPTCHA!

  2. Yes Sue maybe they are just mixed up letters but are they? And yes you're right they are also called CAPTCHA, hmmm another 'funny' word but, of course, each letter here means something : )

  3. WARNING: Do NOT use these words when playing Scrabble or other word games. I lose every time !!!

    God bless.