Thursday, October 8, 2009


picture taken on one of my walks


I found this saying on a site shared by my friend Bev ...
I was inspired by these three beautiful words that have so much energy

Dream a little dream
Dream on...
Your dream can become a reality.

Create, for you are an artist:
We all have hidden talents
If only we dream and believe...

Believe, yes believe...
listen to your inner voice,
for all things are possible when you believe.
~Doreen Scerri~

These words have also reminded me of the lovely words by St.Francis...
"Start by doing what's necessary;
then do what's possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible"
St.Francis of Assisi

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  1. I have been missing your posts. They are inspirational. St. Francis of Assisi has really great words that I will have to remember.