Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday's Musings ~ Walking

I love taking this route on my walks.
I took these pictures earlier this year - notice the
quaint archway at the corner of this street

Finally I have started walking again, that is walking as an excercise. Several times I wonder why I don't do this simple yet so effective way of exercising every day. I tend to blame the weather or a bad back and keep postponing my walks.
Walking gives me time to relax, to unwind and maybe even clear my mind so I can think better. Doctors have been telling us for years that walking for at least 30 minutes every day will help to keep us fit and healthy besides reducing our risk of so many different diseases and conditions - definitely a great piece of advice and one way of keeping healthy which costs nothing but the benefits of which pay great dividends. It makes one wonder why there are not many who listen and act for their own benefit. Anyway I will not go into that here. I'd like to focus on the uplifting effect this stress-reducing activity has on me.

Every time I head out on my route which is always pretty much the same except for some side streets, I love noticing aspects of the locality and its people, their habits and environment. When I went out this morning I went on my usual trail which takes me away from the main gas-emission polluted roads and trafficky areas to the more tranquil parts of our neighbouring town. On the way there I passed through different side streets, noticing the various scents and smells, unfortunately not always pleasant with the morning garbage bags that had been put out and with the early morning dew having settled on the wet night pavements as well as on the parked cars. The results produced quite a nauseating effect on my nostrils but I tried not to focus on it while trying to envision its outcome rather on the humid streets waiting patiently to be dried by the yet rising sun. My initial slow pace slowly developed into a brisk walk and soon I was out of this zone.
As, one step after another, my feet took me further out towards the houses with gardens and trees, the air naturally cleared and I enjoyed the freshness and even the faint scent of the fall scrubs and flowers. Although on our island we don't get the colourful display of trees shedding their rust and golden leaves, we can enjoy the spring-like bountiful array of foliage and flowers especially after the first rains. As I walked on I wished I had my camera with me. Some of the gardens were a feast to the eye. Again I wondered why I had not gotten back to walking before now and decided that I'd rather give myself the challenge to keep this up rather than looking back and trying to forgive myself!
As I came to my favourite area, I realised that the side of the street I was walking on was in total shade while the last time I had walked here some time in the summer, I was trying to look for some shade! Yes now I remember that had been another reason why I had stopped walking...the heat waves, did I say reason, maybe so, but maybe that was an excuse too!
So, early this morning from my doorstep and back to my doorstep I am pleased to say I have stepped out with a new challenge. Now here I am back home thoroughtly envigorated and happy to have taken the plunge. My aim is to go out two to three times a week and hopefully build that up to a daily routine ~ that is my new adventure for tomorrow! Won't you join me and take up the challenge too?


  1. How beautiful! I need to get off mine backside and starting walking also. It's something so simple, but I still just do not do it!

  2. How right you are!! We find so many excuses when we come to start some kind of exercise. I've been desiring to explore the area where I live in, which happens to be very close to the countryside, and yet somehow I always find some other excuse.

    Well done on your second blog!!!

  3. How nice that you've started walking again. Bringing your camera is a great ides. You never know what you'll see. I have started walking on my treadmil, not as nice as your walks but it has given me more energy. Keep up the good work.