Tuesday, September 27, 2011

L**k out for Whimsical Wednesday (starting tomorrow)

I find that I am not posting as much as I'd intended when I first started this blog. Sooo I am going to start something new here and hope to continue as long as I can with this project.
Some of you probably have heard of Wordless Wednesday in which the post is usually a picture with only a few or no words at all, letting the picture say it all. Now for me that is a little impossible, you see I love words and once I start there's no stopping me. I have chosen Wednesday to be the day in which I will post regularly with whatever whim takes my fancy...it could be a recipe, a quote, a discussion, a poem, an idea shared... AND I am calling it Whimsical Wednesday, so I hope you'll check in every Wednesday to take a l**k : )

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