Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whimsical Wednesday ~ Summer closes its doors ~

As summer closes its doors, I open mine to welcome fall. Although in Malta
the change is either sudden or subtle, nevertheless I have been longing for cooler days, when the crisp air fills me with that little bit of extra energy that I lacked throughout the hot season. I guess I still feel that back-to-school excitement when I used to long for the feel and smell
of new textbooks, meeting my friends and settling into the everyday routine of a somewhat quieter season. In Malta I miss the magical colours of fall that are such a wonderful part of the Canadian scene I cherished but I still try to bring the autumn colours indoors in a fun and warm way which will provide a feast for the eyes and warmth to our spirit.

Start celebrating fall right now with these heart-warming ideas for decorating your home...

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Decorate with Fruit and nuts
(especially red and yellow apples, bananas and
bright yellow oranges). Place a bowl of fruit on a table, in the hallway, in fact
anywhere where you think they will add colour. Let them be a reminder of
how important fruit is to our diet and within easy reach, you can enjoy them
more often. Add some nuts among the fruit or add another bowl with different
nuts and a nutcracker for a more stylish and functional display.

Add Pumpkins, Squashes and Gourds
Place these randomly in a basket
or container for a splash of orange and brown autumn colours. Replace when
you use some of these in your cooking to keep your arrangement looking fresh.

Wreaths What better way to greet your guests (and yourself when you return
home) than with a seasonal wreath, it does not have to be anything elaborate.
You can use anything from fresh grapevine leaves to dried flowers to twine
around a basic wreath or make your own with potpourri (see link below).
You could also make one using artificial flowers, twigs and colourful autumn ribbons.

Check here for this lovely wreath idea on my sister Sue's Blog.

Click here for more ideas...

I hope you enjoyed my very first Whimsical Wednesday,
I will share some more ideas and thoughts next week.

Take care.


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  1. Sis, how nice of you to link to my Wreath post, thanks.
    Your idea of dedicting a special post on a particular day of the week is a good one just like my shadow photos reserved to the weekend (Friday's mostly). I like your Fall tips, thanks.
    Good Luck for this new series!