Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

I just about caught this rainbow before it faded away...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
You can see where it ends, just behind the Sanctuary dedicated to
the Assumption (Nativity of Our Lady/Tal-Herba) which was built
in 1610 in an area where an old church had existed even before the
1565 siege. In 1673 it was closed to public worship, then used as a
sacristy for the newly built church.

In the 1770's its altar, with the facade around the altar piece,
were covered in marble while a few years,
later it was dedicated by Bishop Labini on the 23rd March 1783.
Sometime before 1644, while retaining this small Marian shrine,
another church, dedicated to the Nativity of our Lady,
was built in front of its main entrance.
Today hardly anything remains of the 1610 church.
The image of Our Lady was crowned on the 7th August 1910.
Later, in 1849, it was declared a public oratory.
Again the church was enlarged on a cruciform plan during the 1920s.

Quite a Pot of Gold
that never seems to run out of Blessings!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Tooth Adventure!

Are you afraid of the dentist? I know it's not anyone's favourite place for sure BUT I am always so scared to go, even for a cleaning! I have changed quite a few dentists too! This was my latest adventure with having to go to the dentist, this time to have an extraction, my very first too and I think I did very well considering...read about it here in my FUN verses. I am so glad it's over but really, I feel so confident now I am ready to schedule my next cleaning appointment with confidence. God bless my new dentist!

My wisdom tooth was throbbing
Too often and too much,
I tried to ease the pain
With a gentle soothing touch.
It did ease off for a little while
Then was back in full force,
So painkillers had to step in
And they did help lots of course.

Into the third day it persisted
So ice packs were applied
But the pain intensified
And I almost cried!
Since the dentist's clinic
Is not my favourite place,
I had to pluck up courage
'Twas something I had to face!

I made an appointment
And was soon sitting in 'the chair'
A new dentist, a new clinic...
For me that was quite a dare.
He said it had to come out...
'What? Now? Oh gosh!' said I,
'Relax, sit back,' the dentist said,
I thought that I would die!

Efficiently he reassured me
And had the area frozen soon.
The discomfort was quite minimal
To the situation I did attune.
I might have winced a little
But the job he did so well
My tooth was out in a jiffy
To my pain I bid farewell!

I was so happy and quite thrilled
When I got up to leave;
With happy smiles and heartfelt thanks
I left in disbelief.
Why had I feared dentists?
Was my reaction overdone?
Maybe not, but I know for sure
For me this dentist is the one!

Doreen Scerri © 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Fall Bookmark for You

I love Autumn, yes I know I have probably mentioned it before.
The feeling of earth going to sleep and the time to prepare for another
lovely season inspires me.
I was playing a word game recently with my on-line friends
on a craft forum I visit and we came up with such meaningful words
that when put together depict a fantastic picture of fall.
I thought 'Why not put them on a bookmark?'
So I got to work and designed this bookmark to share here with you all.
Here it is, hope you like it and can make good use of it too : )
Every season with all the wonderful changes,
we realise we have so much to be
thankful for ~ maybe this would make a nice token
to give out at Thanksgiving!

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Hand of God

My daughter and I were on the rooftop
not quite an hour ago to get our laundry down
and I commented on how lovely the clouds were.
My daughter was quick to say that they could very well be
my next subject to write about, 'about how the hand of God paints the skies'.
I don't think I need write a poem, she wrote it herself for me,
I just took the pictures.

Thanks Chelle : )