Friday, August 31, 2012

The Truth Bookmark

Once more a request for a Bookmark,
this time by Ginnyp. This quote was
on yesterday's Quote of the Day on
Craftsayings posted by my sister Crafty Sue.

It bears a strong message for all of us...
hope we will always remember it!

Well here you go Ginny, just click on the
Bookmark and it will take you to a better image from
where you can copy and paste into your printing program.


11 Ways to Love

These are some beautiful words to keep
in mind.

I came across them on Facebook and
an online friend asked if they could
be put on a bookmark.

I love the way each sentence has a reference
to a quote from the Bible.

So here you go Shilo...
a Bookmark all for you! Just click on it for a
better image and you can copy and paste into
your printing program.

Hope others can use it too : )


Monday, August 27, 2012

I just made this tag on a whim today for a special young lady
who has just had her "First 12th Grade Day" at school today
and who shared this quote with my favourite crafting group

Thanks Marissa and thanks to your Mom-Mom Joann too : )